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Our programs empower individuals with Autism through education and employment in the skilled trades
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Career Tracks
Age: 14+
TACT's Career Track program offers in depth trade training in the trade of your choice with the goal of employment in competitive, integrated environments. Classes run on a typical academic calendar with Fall and Spring semester enrollment.
Not sure? Try a workshop!
Age: 5+
Technology and more
Our workshop program offers introductory lessons for a variety of trades and format. From weekend classes to after-school lessons and even mobile programming, workshops allow for students of all ages to explore their interests.

If there are no workshops listed for your interest or age group, it may be fully booked. Contact our team for more information.
Summer Camp
2024 Summer Camps
While learning the trade skills, students will also expand on their motor planning, socialization, executive functioning, and problem-solving.
Week long session
June session
3 hours per day
August session
Job Coaching
After completing our career training programs, we collaborate with students to explore job opportunities at
Age: 16+
Jiffy Lube
Sun Architecture Millworks
Sturgeon Electric
We collaborate with 60+ businesses to launch our graduates into rewarding careers. Our support extends to placement, interviews, and hiring, providing personalized employment assistance and on-site coaching from our expert Job Coaches, all fully certified in ACRE and IPS.

Please reach out to mark@buildwithtact.org for any questions.

Some questions, some answers

Here are our most frequently asked questions

What programs do you offer?

Career Track: Ages 14-30. We offer semester-length classes with a focus on job preparation, job development, and job placement in the trades. Options include: Auto, Carpentry, Computer Science, Electrical, Technology (STEM), and Welding.

Workshops:  Ages 5-30. We provide workshop courses in a variety of formats. Typically, these programs take place during weekends, after school or school breaks. These classes focus on introductions to the trades and exploration. Through these workshops, students will practice their functioning skills, socialization, frustration tolerance and fine and gross motor skills.

Job Coaching: Ages 16+. We offer on-the-job training in various areas of job development, preparation, placement, and maintenance. Typically this is a 90 day program, however every student has unique needs requiring unique timeframe standards.

Do you serve the whole spectrum of students?

Yes! We also complete safety assessments to determine eligibility.

How are TACT’s services funded?

TACT is a Colorado Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) & partners with Colorado Community Centered Boards to serve participants on the Supported Living Services (SLS) & Comprehensive Services (DD) Waivers.

We partner with Colorado's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to fund a variety of youth & adult programming including job exploration, supported employment & more.

TACT accepts private pay and will work with families who do not qualify for state or federal funding.

Why the Trades?

We empower our clients to leverage their unique visual and perception skills in innovative ways. Our programs not only focus on developing marketable skills for sustainable careers in a growing industry but also foster growth in fine and gross motor skills, executive functioning, problem-solving, and socialization—without contrived scenarios common in other industries serving our clientele.

Our age-appropriate trades programs address a critical gap in the sector, offering tailored support for young adults with ASD. As the baby boomer generation exits the trades, there's a pressing need for skilled workers. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the essential role of trade workers, often overlooked but vital in maintaining our everyday infrastructure.