Thank you!! You have all been so very wonderful!! We truly appreciate everything you have done not only for Cole,but for all of these kiddos. TACT has been one of the BEST programs Cole has ever had. We would have never known he had an interest in woodworking!! – Kari

My 6-year-old has done a couple of classes with TACT. He comes home with so much pride and feeling so accomplished every time. I can not place a value on the joy he receives from your programs, thank you! – Alise

My ASD kid LOVES this stuff. More hands-on auto-mechanics than he would ever get in public school, and in a group setting where he doesn’t stand out as ‘different’. Lots of adult support, everyone connected with TACT is awesome. Can’t say enough good things about this concept. Can’t wait to see what other classes they offer in the coming months. – Leigh

 I’m Noah. I’m 14 years old. I went to T.A.C.T. for the Electric Bass Guitar camp. I really liked it. I made my own bass guitar. I learned how to use tools and do measurements. Mr. Danny was really nice and helped me. I liked to paint my guitar and to sand my guitar. I liked all the cars they help fix and I can’t wait to help fix a car. I like T.A.C.T. and want to come back.

TACT is the ideal “next steps” for our 13-year-old boy. Where traditional schooling and therapy falls short, TACT steps in. William is learning valuable hands-on skills ranging from listening and peer cooperation to technical hands-on training with automobiles, wood, and computer hardware. TACT is truly a gift for our son; we are so very grateful for the training it is providing him and the self-confidence he is developing. William will be extraordinary because that’s the way he was made. But we are thrilled TACT is helping him learn how to share his extraordinary with others. – Nickie

My experience at TACT was one of the best experiences any person can have. The staff at TACT are some of the most passionate people I have met. My time at TACT provided me with so much information and knowledge that I did not get from my textbooks and lectures during my Occupation Therapy Assistant Program. TACT makes learning for the kids and volunteers fun, exciting and meaningful with many different opportunities from sewing costumes, woodworking, instrument building to auto mechanics. The thing that is so impressive about TACT is the impact the camps have on the kids, from barely say a word on day one to really socializing and joking around by day 5. This organization is one of a kind with how they are involved with the Autism community. Thank You TACT for this amazing opportunity. – Mark

There aren’t enough good things I can say about TACT and their team! They are creative, adaptive, affordable and truly care about their mission. Each month they bring a fun and new project to our group of students with autism. Last month it was a 3D printer, you can’t beat that! We look forward to our continued partnership. – Lauren

TACT has taught me carpentry and metalworking skills. It has also taught me how to stop everything that I am doing and walk away when it is time to be done. I think that TACT has helped me to become more competent in metalworking​. I like Danny Combs because he is laid back. I think Richard is a great person to teach kids job training because he holds us accountable. One thing that makes Richard good at job training is that he has this philosophy that there is always a time and place for everything. This philosophy has helped me stay on task so that when I am supposed to be working on my project, I am not emptying out the trash or going out into the alley. It has also helped me wait until cleanup to empty out trash cans or put things into the dumpster. – T.A.C.T. Student

When I get older, I either want to be some type of welder, plumber, or electrician. One thing I do understand–that I did not understand before TACT–is that metalworking​ requires many many carpentry skills. Scribing, cutting, and measuring are skills that you use in carpentry that you can use in welding as well. I do hope that sometime, this year or next year, that TACT has a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday metal working/ welding class that I could take. – T.A.C.T. Student