TACT offers a variety of year round programs and workshops for children, teens and young adults. Executive functioning, gross motor/fine motor skills, and social skills are increased through organic, hands-on learning in these project-based learning workshops. To sign up for our 2020 workshops/classes, click here.

Makerspace: These classes provide an introduction into various trades. Typically, participants cycle through 30 minutes of carpentry, 30 minutes of fiber arts and 30 minutes of electronics creating one of a kind projects and experiences. Participants get to take home their creations! ALL AGES
Lead Teachers: Danny Combs and Becky Mershon

Fiber Arts: These classes are designed to spark your imagination through the creation of various projects and items. Pillows, purses, bow ties, costumes and more are typical projects. Participants get to take home their creations! ALL AGES
Lead Teachers: Amanda Therrien and Jenn Rollins

Instrument Building: These classes typically involve a bit of carpentry while participants get to create sturdy, real, and high quality instruments such as ukuleles, guitars (electric and bass), cajon drums, glockenspiels and more! AGES 8+ (age depends on the instrument)
Lead Teacher: Danny Combs

Carpentry: These classes provide the opportunity to create anything from side tables to picture frames to art pieces! Participants get to keep all their creations! AGES 10+
Lead Teacher: Danny Combs

Photography: This introductory class provides participants with the opportunity to explore digital photography and editing while they are learning to “capture light”. Participants get to keep their images and can create cards, art pieces and more from their unique perspective. AGES: 10+
Lead Teacher: Mason Ferrick

Electronics: Participants get hands-on STEM projects such as 3D printing, soldering, computer coding, Arduino and more! Participants get to keep their projects. AGES 10+
Lead Teacher: Becky Mershon

Auto Mechanics: Our workshop auto classes are a fantastic way to introduce preteens through young adults to work on gasoline automobiles. Clients learn to assess and problem solve in an authentic environment working on classic cars and new cars a like. Participants learn everything from oil changes, brake changes, tire rotation, engine maintenance, body work and much more! AGES 12+
Lead Teacher: Danny Combs

Welding/Metal Arts: These 3 month long weekend class series expose young adults to the art of MIG welding and metal fabrication. Sample projects include tables, creative art pieces, picture frames and more! AGES: 16+
Lead Teacher: Mason Ferrick

Camps: We offer camps during multiple school breaks including Fall break, Winter break Spring break and Summer break. Please view our calendar for more information on the camps provided. In the past we have run instrument making camps, STEAM camps, costume making camps, wood and metal furniture camps and more! AGES 5+
Teachers: Varies




TACT will bring the projects to YOU by partnering with local hosts such as community centers, schools, churches, camps and parents.

Contact us for more details!