Career Training


TACT is the first and only program of its kind in the country. Its immersive, hands-on vocational training effectively prepares young people with ASD — who now represent one in 59 children between the ages of three through 17, for skilled trade careers that are the fastest growing and most difficult-to-fill professions in the country. Over its short history, TACT has made a tremendous difference in the Denver autism community, more than doubling its program offerings, supporting and training 400 participants in skilled trades, and connecting 80% of its working-age students to their first employment opportunities.

Career paths focus on Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Welding, Computer Science, and Electrical.

You must apply to join any of the career tracks.



TACT students diagnose engine, mechanical, and electrical system problems through a hands-on approach on various automobiles. The ability to diagnose problems with engines as well as mechanical or electrical systems is highly in demand and affords many opportunities.

The satisfaction of implementing repairs makes this career challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding. Students in the Automotive Service Technology Program work on a variety of cars, trucks and vehicles for an in-depth and thorough automotive education.


TACT students develop skills in layout, blueprint reading, safe hand and power tool usage, finish work and framing.

Carpentry students will develop skills in layout blueprint reading, safe hand and power tool usage, form working, finish work and framing. Additional experience will be gained in furniture, cabinetry and form development.


TACT’s Welding program provides the skills necessary for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) often referred to as MIG welding.

Our program includes hands-on and real world training, safety training, as well as classroom education with a 1:2 teacher to student ratio.  This introductory class covers safety inspections, minor repairs, operating parameters and operation of GMAW equipment.


TACT’s Computer Science program introduces students to the software, hardware, and networking components of the Information Technology (IT) field. Our approach is very hards-on, individualized, and holistic. We learn how the hardware is built, wired and designed before we use the software to program it.


TACT participants learn how to read electrical blueprints, develop skills in wiring lights, switches, breakers, prefabbing whips and commercial electrical equipment and more!  Partnerships with local electrical companies provide seamless transition into employment. 

The class times for Electrical starts Jan 6 through May 20 (Tues/Th) from  9am-12pm






TACT will bring the projects to YOU by partnering with local hosts such as community centers, schools, churches, camps and parents.

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