TACT would not be what it is today without the multitude of exceptional volunteers and teachers that have passed through our doors. Thank you so much for all you do for our students day in and day out. Together we are building something incredible for these students and our community!

Bigger Pockets Staff

Mike Billingsley

Rose Blackburn

William Brosius

Nathan Byrne

The Carty Family

Cara Clouston

Claire Combs

Danny Combs

Christine Deveraux

Marc Fierro

FinartCo Staff

Chuck Fischer

Tiffany Fixter

Nikki Fowler

Shawn Green

Rich Gruber

Carlos Guzman

Mandee Jacobsen

Ellie Jeffers

James Jeffers

Matt Jeffers

Titan Jerome

Brain Johnson

Malinda Johnson

Mike Koral

Lavanya Kraus

Patrick Kraus

Peter Lyons

Derek March

Aela Mason

Kerry McCowen

Becky Mershon

Cissy Nuanes

Jamie Ohmer

Bob Oldfield

Scott Oldfield

Abbey O’Loughlin

Guy Pizzo

Tonja Pizzo

Stanley Rice

Michelle Rice

The Ritter Family

Jenn Rollins

Brian Rollins

Corey Sampson

Jason Samuels

Jared Scorsone

Aaron Sefton

Daniel Seaver

Neve Siegfried

Mary Sims

Gregg Smith

Michael Stephens

Amanda Therrien

Daniel Toomey

Warren Tech Staff

Nicole Winowiecki

Sloane Woodberry

The West Family

Steve Zugschwert